Ye Olde Mitre – Fuller’s Pub and Restaurant in Hatton Garden

A historic London pub

If a visit to a pub is comparable to an episode from student life, for Britains it is a way of life till the old ages.

‘Done!’, shouted John putting with a crash an empty beer mug on the table. A gang of guys of about twenty-five, with whom he argued for ten pounds that he would drink five beers without stopping applauded. Although the beer was excellent, he was a little dizzy and felt boiling in a stomach, but the joy of victory blocked all physical discomfort.

It was only two o’clock in the afternoon – the working day was in full swing, but the atmosphere in the bar reminded ofa pleasant Saturday evening: a tourist couple were holding their hands drinking local Alley and looking at the oldest pub in London with a big interest, trying to go ‘local’. The man behind the bar was telling something vividly to the barman and they both laughed at a joke which only they could understand. On the other side was a company of youngsters with whom argued our hero which was already making new bets.
Despite that the pub was small and hidden from prying eyes, it was so comfortable and friendly inside – a complete antidote to all the plastic modern pubs in London. It is history of existence  wasso long that it still remembered how the Queen Elizabeth the First once danced around cherry tree with Sir Christopher Hatton which now supported the front, how Guy Ritchie visited the pub in order to film ‘The Snatch’ and many others. Set right in the heart of London’s most prized attractions, for example, the oldest Roman Catholic church established in 1280 was right on doorstep and Hatton Garden, with its row of famous jewellers, was just around the corner. St Paul’s Cathedral, The Old Bailey, Fleet Street and the historic areas of Charterhouse and Smithfield were just a short walk away too. A few mugs of beer, or a nice pair of cocktail shots and just after a London trip to mysterious city corners…It was one of those few places in old London that allowed to dive into the atmoshere of Old England – so attracrive tovisitors.

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