Third Space

London’s luxury health clubs

Nobody was keen on building a cosmic body shape more than Gwen. The visit to Third Space – a premium London health club – was her everyday ritual. With a gym on almost every street corner, it can be hard sometimes to decide which one you should actually join, is not it? Tried and tested a fair few, she understood that only something beyond reality could truly satisfy her needs.

And nothing really compared to Third Space. As well as having all the things she would expect a luxury gym to have – from an expansive collection of treadmills to a room dedicated to spinning – there was a lot behind the doors of the Minster Building: the cleanest air thanks to the use of quartz lamps and F7 filters. The air was as fresh as in the forest after the rain! Being environmentally-friendly she was quite surprised to learn that its recovery system reused 75 percent of the heat produced elsewhere in the club that was typical, in other gyms, wasted and even the swimming pool had been carefully considered. The jewel in the crown was its hypoxic chamber, designed by former Olympic skier Tim Dudgeon, which replicated ski and snowboard conditions 2,500 meters above sea level, making the workout harder and increasing metabolic rate.

Moreover, she was very proud to workout with  Prince Harry, David Beckham, and Guy Ritchie – famous members of this gym.

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