The Saatchi Gallery

A London gallery for contemporary art opened in 1985

He was standing in front of the half painting – half installation by Valerie Hegarty named “Niagara Falls”, 2007 and did not understand how this type of work could be hanged in the museum.

“It is, literally, a semi-burnt piece of work and you cannot understand what is even depicted on it!”, exclaimed he disappointedly.

“This is the author’s idea”, replied his fellow who used to be an art critic at Sotheby’s, “Hegarty, being American, likes to ruin stereotypes and finds joy destructing her works. This artwork represents artifacts of known history which gone away and could not be returned.”

They went further in this completely white space where all attention was geared to masterpieces around them. Every piece of art in this building located on Duke of York square belonged to the artists from all over the world, not always well-known, young and who rarely or never been exhibited in the UK before.

“Saatchi is a gallery of innovative contemporary art. Many people would love to find in the museum something extraordinary but what will receive great recognition in the future”, added a fellow.

They entered the hall dedicated to the impressive virtual reality installation “We live in an ocean of air” which was accessible till the start of May. Despite the fact that the entrance to the gallery was free, they had to buy tickets for temporary exhibition in advance, since they were selling fastly.

A member of staff helped them with all the equipment – backpack, goggles, heart rate, and breath monitor, and noticed that the experience lasted about 20 minutes.

“20 minutes for virtual reality? I am not a fan of such kind of things and I am too old for that”, he grumbled.

At first, they saw an old sequoia tree which looked like a real one but later they started interacting with it in a multisensory way.

“I can see my breath visible and understand how nature explodes in blazes of light and color around me! I was really transported to the oldest forest on earth to witness the power of the largest organism to ever exist!”, he was pleasantly surprised.

“I found it fascinating too. Creators of the exhibition managed to use state of the art technology in terms of art in the most interesting way. I’d never come across anything like that myself before. The oxygen running through blood shows the whereabouts of fellow visitors!”, said a critic.

“How we are dependent and responsible to the organisms we share our planet with…”.

“Why do not we go to the Gallery Mess Restaurant to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and continue our discussion”, offered art lover to his tired but happy friend.

This treasury gave food for thought for each visitor and possibility to discover the world of modern art in a new way, clear to everyone…

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