The Ivy Chelsea Garden

An eclectic mix of modern British comfort food and international dishes.

The taxi stopped at the entrance to The Ivy Chelsea Garden – a sophisticated all-day dining restaurant in the heart of Chelsea.

Her pearl embellished sandals from Stuart Weitzman stepped onto the sidewalk that was wet from the rain, which had already managed to refresh the whole city before breakfast. She approached the entrance and was pleasantly surprised how beautiful it was decorated: it was filled with the scent of flowers and a bright whirlwind of various garlands and decorations. There was an uncountable number of different types of flowers: rosebuds, sun gleams, primroses, wistarias…

All in all, the entrance was decorated as if it was a real paradise garden full of beauty and sophistication which began beyond it.

“Have you made a reservation yet?”, asked a nice woman with a friendly voice at the reception and after received an affirmative answer led the guest to the table.

She was seated in the garden area at the rear and while there was a chill in the air, the overhead heaters were a great help. The menu included dishes from British cuisine which was not a surprise. She chose pancakes with warm white chocolate sauce and berries, traditional British tea and crispy duck salad which was recommended by the waitress who said that it was one of the most popular dishes. The staff was attentive and largely welcoming, absolutely tolerant and attentive.

She was waiting for her meal looking at the atmosphere around. It reminded her English country garden, so cozy and beautiful it was: outdoor terrace and paved garden, filled with politely babbling water fountains, sandstone firepits, marble tables, mosaic chairs and balustrade pergolas covered in creeping wisteria and red rose vine. It was a perfect place to chill, have a cup of afternoon tea, soak up the sun, relax and breath fresh air in the real flower paradise in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. From the main hall was heard live music: a gentleman in a tailcoat played Chopin on the piano which made all the ambiance aristocratic.

“This is for you, madame”, said a smiling about a four-year-old boy who approached her and offered a lovely little flower. This made her smile. She could not help patting him on the head.

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