The highest outdoor dining terraces in Europe, offering unparalleled, 360 degree views of the City.

Is it possible to imagine a better ending of the evening than dining at the place which has an incredible view of the capital of the Foggy Albion? From the windows of which restaurants is it better to admire the River Thames, the Tower of London, London’s skyscrapers?  From where you can see St Paul’s Cathedral, and from which establishment a panorama of almost the entire city will open?

A young couple from San Francisco came to London for a few days for both tourism and business reasons. In order to take the most of their visit, they decided to spend one of the evenings in London’s City. SUSHISAMBA was highly recommended by their friends who moved to London but were also American and regularly met in Las Vegas and Miami at the same restaurant. Actually, it was one of their beloved places: a unique synthesis of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, affordable prices just the same as another relatively fancy places, promise of a stunning view on the capital of Great Britain, brilliant view and you can check how lucky you are if you get a table near the window :). ‘Bloom menu’ with eclectic dishes such as sashimi hanabata made of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, seabass and butterfish richly decorated with a touch of gold and flowers, premium Japanese whiskey, white Cusco corn with dried white and mixed cancha and red onion  – everything was very inviting, each dish looked like a piece of art.

In a company of four, active, energetic, young and hungry, youngsters took the elevator up to the 38th floor at the Heron Tower skyscraper. They entered the main hall of the restaurant where was reigned an intimate atmosphere thanks to large panoramic windows and a bamboo arch decorated with luminous lights. A floor above, almost at the very top of the Mary Eks skyscraper, was the restaurant’s terrace with the bar where they intended to go.

‘ You can endlessly look at the panorama of the city through the windows of the restaurant,’ said one of the fellows drinking the cocktail ‘Old Fashioned’ which was amusingly presented: in a round glass there was a huge ice cube, which was filled with a cocktail and which ice would never melt. In addition to the spectacular view, the establishment offered to listen to live music which uniquely combined the atmosphere of luxury dining with pleasant Brazilian evening somewhere by the sea but there were stone jungles.

When the evening came to an end, and they drunk more dirty martinis than they could ever think, looking down to the capital of Great Britain standing in all its glory, was taking their breath away again and again. And the goosebumps factor played an important role here.

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