Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, 68 Royal Hospital Rd

A three Michelin star restaurant owned and operated by Gordon Ramsay.

A young couple was sitting at the fireplace with two glasses of red wine at their cozy sofa and chilling after a busy day. To pleasantly spend birthday husband has invited his lovely woman to

a 3 Michelin starred eponymous restaurant established in 1998 which was perfect for special occasions such as sophisticated romantic evening or a gourmet business dinner.

“It is such a surprise for me that you have invited me to the signature restaurant of James Ramsay for my birthday”, said a beautiful woman with huge blue eyes.

“Nothing special, darling. To be honest, sometimes, I became really jealous when you was taking his cooking masterclasses day and night, despite the fact that you started making perfect poached eggs for breakfast”, answered her husband with a smile.

“I was not just learning recipes but learning how to take my cooking to the next level! I’m a cooking aficionado, you know that. Eating great food, for me, is the trademark of a bon-vivant in the best sense of the word. Preparing a great meal is something that I take a huge amount of pride in. I see cooking as an act of love and respect. As a result, I’m always looking for ways to improve my cooking skills. When Ramsay spoke, you could hear the passion in his voice”, her voice sounded inspiring.

“You see? You making me jealous again. However, to be honest, the pigeon with buckwheat was heaven for a foodie. The starter of foie gras with smoked duck, hazelnuts, and clementines was another superb offering as well as truffle ice cream… I paid attention to each and every bite. The food and service were unimpeachable. Having visited his restaurant, it became clear why Ramsay is one of the best-known and most influential chefs in British popular culture. He just knows how to cook tasty and create an atmosphere focused only on the client”, he said thoughtfully.

“There are many amazing Italian and French restaurants in London that are unique in their own way. Everyone who is interested in cooking, no doubt, was visiting the food masterclasses in Novikov, for example, or visiting Nobu, Sumosan Twiga or Cipriani. But James Ramsay Restaurant is not just a flagship restaurant which provides elegant modern French cuisine using the finest seasonal ingredients and applying both classic and modern techniques but it is the place for the highest cuisine with a very elegant and calm atmosphere. You feel yourself relaxed and special inside like you are the only and most important guest”, she knew what she was saying.

“Une retraite, as the French say. A place to hide in a quiet abode, feel special and get real pleasure as an indeed gourmet”…

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