Headed by legendary chef Anton Mosimann and his two sons, Philipp and Mark

The bride waited in a rosy glow of the street lamp shade.

The miracles were not all passed away. By breathing a desire for some slight thing – romantic dinner surrounded by beautiful flowers, candles and … cherished ring – she did not withstand him, and he would do her bidding. And now they were in a Mosimann’s – restaurant with a 30 years history, where The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge themselves experienced royal wedding dinner served at Buckingham Palace.

“Naughty boy!” she said, fondly.

“Did you expect to find blue blood inside me? I think I would much rather have had a date in a small cozy pizzeria”.

She was dressed in a red ruched jersey midi dress from Vauthier and locks of her hair reminded of Elizabeth from the film 9 ½ Weeks. She was a real yoke. Her companion’s eyes so wonderfully resembled the glitter and passion of John’s eyes. Surprisingly but his name was Jonathan and they both had never seen this film.

Mosimann’s restaurant was the place where he had all the important meetings which were all successful. And this time was not an exclusion. Jonathan booked Montblanc room and ordered food delight by his own choice in advance. It was this special place which did not have substitutes somewhere else in the world – all rooms had unique designs and were private, so they did not know who was sitting behind the wall – Hollywood star or a famous politician. Such uncertainty fueled the passion even more. After the food was served he asked not to interrupt them and the mystery of their evening passed invisibly to prying eyes.

The atmosphere swirled them in a whirlwind of love, romance, happiness, and anticipation of a new stage of their life.

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