LEMOYOGA at Armathwaite Hotel

A lemur yoga session in the actual lemur enclosure.

At the Lake District in a mountainous region on the north-west of England, there is a hotel which offers its guests an exceptional way to get closer to nature or yoga classes with lemurs which you have not seen yet.

So what are the benefits to have yoga classes with lemurs?

  1. You will be doing yoga in the open air in a place almost untouched by the human hand near Lake Bassenthwaite and Skiddaw mountain. The birds will be singing, the lemurs will be purring (yes, they purr like cats) and lick your toes. You will be melting from such sweetness and your muscles will better relax.
  2. Lemurs are good yoga teachers since they do some form of yoga poses naturally. For example, their typical pose when they warm their bellies in the sunshine reminds of lotus pose.
  3. If you cannot force yourself to start doing yoga classes, here is your chance – friendly and social lemurs are perfect yoga buddies and motivation!
  4. Have you ever seen an unhappy zookeeper? Feel at one with nature is a perfect way to relieve stress and relax body and soul.
  5. After yoga session you can relax at a hydrotherapy pool or at the outdoor hot tub (the hotel recommends to do it with a glass of Prosseco), take a massage treatment, drink some smoothie or a herbal tea.
  6. The Lemoyoga break includes a special detox dinner, and if you have an overnight stay your breakfast will be served in the lakeside restaurant with an astonishing view on the lake and countryside.


© Information retrieved from establishment’s website:https://www.armathwaite-hall.com/lake-district-experiences/#


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