Chuan Body+Soul

A hidden gem with a philosophy steeped in the values of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Kiss the fish and set it free in order to make a wish or go to Chuan SPA and set your body and soul free from your limiting beliefs!
When you see your eye wrinkles and laugh lines, do not criticize them – be grateful to the years of laughter and try the skincare from Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland which is available for the first time in England exclusively at Chuan Body + Soul at The Langham, London. Natural extracts, family secrets from the Swiss Alps and the latest advanced Swiss Bio High Technology will improve the tone and texture of your skin, call immediate lifting and rejuvenation effect.
When you see the grey hairs hidden in a messy bun, do not panic – be grateful for the gift of aging and go to London’s first Himalayan rock salt sauna, swim in a pool with chandeliers or take a warm lavender candle message which will perfectly help to relieve stress.
When you see your soft tummy – remind yourself that it was a perfect home for your amazing babies and choose an advanced technology body treatment. Chuan’s Efficy machine with radio frequency, transdermal induction and vacuum lifting could target cellulite, flaccidity, shaping, lifting, toning and even stretch marks. Just try!
We can all easily fall prey to hating on yourself. We could pick yourself apart for hours and do it many times. But the world of Chuan Body&SPA, offering treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, will help you take a fresh look to the world around you. 

Just a little reminder: self-love is everything!

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