Cadogan Hall

One of London’s leading venues and the first choice for some of the UK’s top orchestras

Set in a fantastic location in the heart of Chelsea, just a minute from Sloane Square tube station, Cadogan Hall became one of London’s leading concert venues.
The founder of the concert hall was a wealthy art connoisseur Mohammed Al Fayed, who was the owner of the famous Harrods. The building where the concert hall was located was formerly a church. However, it lost its religious significance and for several years remained in ruins. During the reconstruction was created a beautiful hall for 900 seats and many of the design elements were preserved during the renovation: wonderful stained glass windows and stone trim elements survived.
One evening I decided to go to the theater and listen to the performance of the London Royal Symphony Orchestra. I came a little earlier than usual, and in order not to sit in the hall, decided to go to the bar, which was located directly in the historic building. I took a cup of coffee which cost £2 and took a sit. While I was drinking my coffee, there was a conversation between a middle-aged couple at the table next to me. I could hear fragments of their speech and clearly heard that
despite enormous importance Cadogan Hall had on the cultural life of the city, it regularly held free concerts which everyone could attend…Children, students and people of retirement age had large discounts on tickets and wealthy clients could rent a room for private events … I looked at my watch and saw that it was five minutes left before the start of the concert and hurried to the hall.
I had a sit at the balcony which was had limited space for my legs and a limited view to the stage, and I thought that next time it would be great to sit at the parquet.
After the concert, I had the impression that this place would be interesting even for those who never interested in classical music before. Being an American Church and turned into an excellent small concert venue with a wide range of entertainment events; classical, choral, folk, rock, Jazz, tribute music events, it had a unique mixture of historical atmosphere and modern London.

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