BXR Boxing Gym

The world’s first high-end boxing gym, launched in January 2017, in Marylebone, W1.

“Harder, hit it harder,” shouted a combat trainer to John – a young promising 27-year-old lawyer who loved visiting BXR Boxing Gym in the evenings to relieve tension and stress accumulated during an intensive day at his work.
“How can they claim that my demand is an abuse of rights, although the use of the rights provided by law cannot be considered as abuse,” more and more anger was increasing in his body while he was thinking about that.
“Hit a punching bag and thought about the person who had angered you!”, shouted a trainer.
With what had left of his strength, he hit a punching bag so hard that he fell on the floor in exhaustion. Sweat was pouring off him, but all thoughts seemed to go away from his head and at the same time pleasant warmth and satisfaction from the work he done spread through the body. He was obviously pleased with himself.
“Today, I did my best, didn’t I”, asked John his trainer smiling and after thanking him for the excellent workout, headed for the locker room.
While he was walking and wiping the sweat from his neck and face with a towel, he was looking around.
The concept of the world’s first high-end boxing gym was ultra cool with no doubts:
heavyweight champions were doing high-intensity workouts at a luxury boxing place, somebody was having a boxing lesson with ex-champion boxer which John saw at the TV a year ago. Everybody in the club was aimed to increase the production of endorphins and create feel-good thoughts in the brain by spending their evening time productively with a good value for their bodies and souls.
“Here come the sweetest girls in the whole city!” he looked at the girl who waved and smiled at him from the other side of the gym, doing circuit training.
“I should invite her to dinner on Saturday night but not to delay…who knows who will get ahead of me,” said John to himself winking at a girl with Victoria’s Secret body in seductive pink leggings…

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