Amaya | Michelin Starred Indian Restaurant in London

One of the leading fine dining restaurants serving Indian food in the world today.

Сombining the opportunity to enjoy delicious food and get aesthetic pleasure – a combination of spiritual and carnal – is not typical for the restaurant.

When Marie-Thérèse Walter, French model, and lover, was posing to one of the masters of modern art Pablo Picasso at the age of seventeen she did not know that her body would enjoy guests of the restaurant while dining. Despite the fact that we do not know for sure to whom exactly belongs this painting but which features so clearly remind of this beautiful young girl, its mystery even more light up an appetite.

Reviving a living but extinct tradition of creating pompous chic in the interior, the restaurant pleases the eyes of its guests not only with sharing bite-sized portions but also an avant-garde works of art. The modern avant-garde ambiance of the restaurant – a great place for an aperitif and a light dinner in an atmosphere of art.

Here you will be offered a menu for tasting with bite-sized portions, and thanks to the chef’s dishes, where culinary meets with high art, the restaurant has won Michelin star.

The most famous hall of the restaurant is the personification of India – the avant-garde paintings bore little comparison to Indian landscapes with rivers, elephants and the diversity of bright colors everywhere. The secret of the hall’s uniqueness is the contrast:  this lovely Restaurant recreates the typical Indian patio ambiance with terracotta tones and candle lights, dark brown wood floors, and elegant leather furniture which reflect the atmosphere of a rich oriental house while walls are decorated with avant-garde paintings. It is simply impossible to single out a particular style in which Amaya is made – and this makes it one of a kind.

Seductive tastes from an open kitchen, shooting flames, enticing aromas, paintings which remind of great artists of the 20th century, diffused candlelight, a twinkling fringe of crystals, highest culinary experience…enjoy.

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